Hi Rebecca

Greetings !!

I just found an awesome article written by you (attached herewith).

It is lot of information, inputs & insights & myself being into real estate, it’s too valuable for me.

Great job done. Keep up the good work. Keep sending me these kind of article directly to me if you do not mind.

Thanks & Regards,

Kunal Kishore – Pune, India

Thanks for everything you did this weekend, you presented yourself in an ‘upscale’ manner and were ‘over the top’ in your efforts to find what I was looking for.

Doug Ernst – USA

Good luck.. your site and informative newsletters are brilliant! Best wishes, Greer.

Greer Ballantine – South Africa

All the information I needed in one place to make the right choice. Excellent service, thank you.

Imran Mir – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve always been careful with my money but after reading all your info I decided to invest. It’s already paying for itself so maybe now I can take that extra-long holiday I’ve been planning.

Jason Perry


I would never normally respond to any of these ‘type’ of emails, unless I was unsubscribing, however I committed a long time ago to give feedback where I felt necessary – good or bad.

These are the best laid out, interesting and informative investment emails I have come across – and I get a lot. Very good job.

I don’t need any response or additional contact please, however I will keep reading with interest.


Michael Bird – Dubai, UAE

Hi Rebecca.

Your input into property applications are wonderful and most comprehensive. A great gesture of sharing your well founded experience.

Good Luck for the future.


Johan Botha – Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi Rebecca

Just dropping a line to say well done for your hard work.

You’re such a knowledgeable person and I can’t wait to make my first step of doing business with you.

I’m almost there!

Best regards


Your guides contain clear, concise and detailed information, just what we needed to make the right choice. Fantastic property deals Rebecca, thank you for all your help and advice.

Steven and Hilary Vincent – Malaga, Spain

Hi Rebecca,

I have no doubts whatsoever that your dealings with me have been transparent and that you know your onions.

I made extensive research before deciding to do business with you.


Michael – London, United Kingdom

We purchased our US property to provide us with an additional monthly income and to counter the very low rates our cash was returning us whilst sitting in the bank. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this investment or OVG Invest for their excellent advice and service.

Richard and Elena Jobson – Glasgow, UK

I was introduced to the opportunities for investing in real estate in Detroit by OVG Invest six months ago. I was impressed and bought two, three-bedroom houses – one in Morningside and the other in Bagley. My monthly rents have been paid on-time, as promised, and I have had no problems whatsoever.

Derek Thornton – Leeds, UK

I haven’t had a chance until now, to sit down and write a short note thanking you for the extra special VIP treatment you gave me during my recent visit to Detroit.

You really went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and help in every way possible, from setting up the LLC, to opening a bank account, to rescuing my sunglasses.

It was a pleasure spending time and getting to know you, and learning about your business and the opportunities you are making available.

I believe you are doing a hell of a job with a lot of integrity and honesty.

I will be arriving back home this weekend, and after absorbing the vast amount of information and knowledge accumulated on this trip, will be in touch next week as to how exactly I will be able to proceed.

Thanks again,

Kind Regards

Saul – Israel

Hi, your new edition is excellent.

You always offer a good analysis and opinion for our investors.

The new edition include all different aspect items for the new buyer such as section 8, LLC, ITIN, ESCROW and warranty deed.

Whatever thank you for your all professional opinion. Through your reply, I know you are a kindly person.

I like to read your article.

Thank you.

Tim – Hong Kong

I appreciate your professional manner and assistance from the start.

Thanks for all your help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking of investing in the USA.

Hui Zhong Liú – Shanghai

Hello Rebecca

Thank you for emails.

They are an invaluable source of knowledge.

Hoping you have a great week.

Best regards

Michael Nakedde – Hong Kong

Thanks Rebecca,

You certainly know your onions.

The whole process was painless from start to finish and we are so grateful for your support along the way. If we have friends looking to invest we will definitely recommend you.

Terry and Sarah Taggert – Stockport, UK


Thank you for this. I found it not only interesting but I consider it to be vital information.

Ben Johnston

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the new investor’s guide.

You have a special skill in explaining complex topics and making them easy to understand.

It is very thorough and seems to incorporate many of the information you’ve sent out in emails over the past year or so.

It is a comprehensive guide to purchasing in the USA through your company.

Kind Regards,

Peter McRae – Australia

Hi Rebecca,

Unfortunately, I have not bought a property from you.
In fact, I have not bought a property in the US.
My portfolio is limited to Ireland, UK and Spain.

However, if I am to purchase in the US, you will be my first port of call.
I really think your sales and marketing efforts are excellent.
You get your messages about the advantages to purchasing the properties you have to sell and why they should be purchased from you in a very personal and professional way.

Well done.


Paul Goti – Ireland

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks very much for your wonderful guide and explanations.

This has greatly educated me in my quest to invest in the property sector in America.

I will also greatly appreciate a regular update on available properties for sale.

I am planning out a trip to the US in August 2012 when i will be on vacation and i strongly hope that we would have reached a deal before my visit.

My visit basically will aford me the opportunity of having a physical sight and appreciation of whatever i have settled for.

I have just sold out a prime property here in my country Nigeria and i wish to invest it over there.

No thanks to the instability in my country.

I trust you will be of inmense assistance.

I’ll keep in constant touch while i hope you’ll help get something reasonable and whothwhile for a good investment.

From other enquiries i have made, i seem to be more interested in Atlanta or what do you think?

Once again, i say many thanks for your prompt attention and interest.

Sincerely yours

Emmanuel Agbaje – Nigeria

Hi Rebecca
I have found your buyer’s guide very help full thank you very much.

Don Sparks – Australia

As you know we have been looking for a property in the US for some time.

Having now bought our property I just want to say a big thank you.

You never hurried us, always answered our questions quickly and with good, straight forward advice.

We will see how this one goes, but may well be back for another.

Colin Tan – Hong Kong

My dear young lady,

Trust me, you are young when stood along-side myself.

Your articles are clear and concise, not patronising , clearly written to enable people with a modicum of grey matter to decide for themselves what’s the best path for them to follow. Well done.

Roger Hazeldine – Thailand

My experience with OVG is purely positive. As a businessman I am very demanding in my commercial partners performance and I do not accept a waste of my time.

Keywords for me in such relationships are high quality delivery according to demands, fast responsiveness, high service level and flexibility. OVG meet those demands and also add low key and a very pleasant sales approach. They obviously are highly connected with leading estate developers and are met with respect in our meetings. I can highly recommend OVG to anyone looking for a professional and pleasant partner in search of investment property.

Pär Sundberg – Sweden

We would just like to say thank you to you all at OVG for your assistance in helping us find an investment property. Your knowledge of the local areas and property market is exceptional and the advice you gave us could not have been better. We have already made money on our purchase!! Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Sarah and Jason Smedley – UK

Hello Rebecca,

Happy holidays! Frankly speaking, I gained lot of information regarding property investments in US being a subscriber of your emails.

Hoping to recieve some more exiting offers next year.

Once again I wish you and Ocean villas group members a happy and prosperous new year!

Thanks and Regards,

Praveen – India

Hi Rebecca

In my opinion, you have created the most comprehensive guidance document possible for those seeking to own rental properties as a source of income and capital growth. I can’t think of a single remaining question that is not covered, each aspect is covered in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Absolutely excellent.

Kind regards

Graham – United Kingdom


Just a quick note to say that I think your emails are great – you say exactly what we need to hear.
I will be in touch when I’m ready to invest.


Nicole – Dubai


Many thanks with all your help with the various information you have sent.

I am most grateful.

John Gayle – Purley, London, UK

Thank you very much Rebecca.

You sure do walk the talk.

I am highly impressed with this level of customer service engagement.

Adegboyega Bello – Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Rebecca, your check list is invaluable.

When the time comes for me to purchase a property, I’ll definitely let you be by my side.

James Lee Valentine

Hey there,

I just had word from the developer they’ve put the prices up again!

I’ve already made 20k on my property and I have even paid for it yet.

You are the best!

Patrick Mellor – Brisbane, Australia

Thank you very much for your excellent presentation and knowledge of Thailand. You have covered and answered all of the questions I could possibly have and saved me time , money, and future headaches. I look forward to doing business with you and will contact you when ready.

Moku Browning – Hawaii

For almost 5 years, I have been looking for affordable properties to invest in to supplement my pension when I retire in a few years. This was very time consuming and I was never sure if what I found was the best deal or not.

Since I got in touch with Rebecca at OVG Invest things have changed dramatically. I regularly receive opportunities with large rental incomes and good potential growth. The best thing is that Rebecca doesn’t pull any punches when you ask her advice. If there is a better deal she tells you. She also answers all my questions in a way even I can understand. I would certainly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to invest in property.

Michael Briddle – London

Hi Rebecca.

I just wanted to say that these emails you send out are awesome. They are so informative and I really appreciate all the thought and work that goes into them.

Colleen – Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Rebecca thank you so much for ur valuable guide on real estate really appeciated.

Kelvin – Malaysia

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for the beautiful card, wish you and your family merry Christmas & happy new year, thank you for the great job you did.


Wael Madi – Kuwait

Dear Rebecca

I just want to say, you are such a fantastic, professional and committed person.

This what I really felt through your mails (despite we never met).

I am preparing now some logistics to be ready financially to invest in USA property.

What I want to confirm you that I will only buy and invest through your respected firm.

Because I do trust in every single words you said.

Till then wish you and your lovely family happy holidays.


Yasser – Saudi Arabia

Hi Rebecca,

I just want to said thanks for the wonderful services and support you have given to me. I have made several property investment past few years, some are really disappointed.

But those investment with you are really working well and worry free.

Thanks and if there are excess fund available next year, I will definitely looking for another opportunity to purchase more property from you.


Kenny – Hong Kong

It’s good to know my investment is in safe hands. You’ve delivered everything as promised. I wouldn’t have believed making money from property would be so easy. Well it wouldn’t have without all your help. Thank you so much.

Graham Roberts – Sydney, Australia

Dear Rebecca

Thanks for your very helpful email. It is a fantastic analysis worthy keeping and referring to in considering what property to acquire.


Zamayi Sithole – London, United Kingdom

Dear Rebecca,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to your kindly effort regarding the US Investor Guide and to let you know that your professionalism, quality oriented work ethics, timelines and cost effectiveness are methods recognized and appreciated.

Also I would like to take the chance to thanks your team work were clearly performed outstanding work professional & knowledgeable.

I would gladly recommend your firm to anyone asking for references.

Well done.

Mohamed EL Masry – Egypt

Hi Rebecca,

This mail made a lot of sense to me. For the first time I’m getting real honest and professional advice, especially for offshore interested investor.

More update will be appreciated.

Will keep in touch.

Sam – Nigeria

I already have a sizeable buy to let portfolio in the UK, but I have never seen rental yields as high as those being achieved on my US investments. Your advice is sound and your research thorough. I would recommend OVG to anyone looking to obtain the highest incomes from their investment properties.

George Westinghouse – West Sussex, UK

This was our first time investing in property. We didn’t know where or what to do until we read your guides.

We took the plunge 2 months ago and we’re already seeing a great return on our investments. Thank you so much.

Jane and Paul Horton – Sheffield, UK

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so very much for answering my e-mail. I have been following your e-mails very closely and find them to be very informative. You have given me a lot of information that I have found invaluable. Keep up the good work.

Steven Smith – USA

Hi Rebecca,

I appreciate you. I wish we can have more of you, the world would have been a better place.

Keep it up!

Engr Oluwaniyi A.A – Nigeria

Hey Rebecca,

Thank you for the emails they are very informative!!

Can you please send me some more information about the rental income tax?


Kent Hislop

I will buy you lunch and dinner and I’m committed to working only with you because after reading the type of information that you have provided to me over the last two years I trust you.

Brian Lee – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The advice and service we have received has been first class and has played an important part in giving us the confidence to proceed with investing.

Graham and Connie Rice – Malaysia

OVG Invest were very easy to work with. The process was clearly explained and they were always available when I had any questions. The whole buying process was made straightforward and simple. I will definitely be buying more properties from them.

Stephanie Maxwell – Manchester, UK

We own a few properties and have used a number of companies before. But I have to say using you has been a breath of fresh air. Good solid info and no bullshit. Fantastic!

Joyce and Peter Gardener – Maidenhead, UK

Thank you Rebecca,

the information you have been sending me is very helpful. I am not looking to buy for another year or so until my daughter is a little older but i think i would buy a condo and value the information you have been sending me. Thanks again.

Matthew Barnett

Rebecca, thank you.

The information you have given has been very good. Everything is very smooth so far and we look forward to closing the deal.

Tomas Erikson – Sweden


Thank you for the comprehensive report on US Real Estate, and the promptness with which you responded to my request.

I am resident in Malaysia but I have a son who is currently resident in Dallas, and I expect that some time, in the not too distant future, he will be loking to invest in a house.

I will, with your permission, forward this report to him so that he can begin to do his investment home work!

I should say that this will not be too soon, but your report reflects your professionalism, and he will do well to contact you in due course.

Thanks again and good luck!

Mr. Hussain – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi Rebecca hope you’re well.

Thanks very much for all the useful and elaborate information you have provided during the last few weeks.

I’m just trying to get some spare time form my business commitments to come and visit you. Soon as I have a week spare I will come there.

Many thanks and kind regards and you’re the best.

Tariq – Dubai

Hello Rebecca,

I’m subscribed to your Thai property buyers guide. It’s very informative and there is lots of information advice that I never even knew about and/or considered.

Thank you for this invaluable resource.

William Saale

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we got our first months rent in from Detroit yesterday.

Thanks again for all your help and advice. There is no-one else we would rather have by our side.

Sally Edwards – Hong Kong

Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for the greeting and also thanks for helping me thru the process of buying my first 2 properties in Detroit.

Enjoy your holiday with family and Merry Xmas to the team.


Eddie – Hong Kong

Wonderful service and all my questions answered. Thank you.

Roger Gormley – Aukland, New Zealand

Hi Rebecca

Thank you for your good wishes, and I would really like to say a big thank for all the advise during the year, it has most been appreciated.

I hope you enjoy your well earned rest and much needed family time.

I am unfortunately working, but will find sometime time for a bit of R/R.

Kind regards,

Mike – Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hello Rebecca

Thank you for your response. I appreciated the comments about Bayshore and I will select one of the lawyers you have mentioned.

I think you provide a commendable service for people in my position and I say thank you.

Bert Pardini – Australia


You’re brilliant. That’s more than “right”, which you are of course too.

About the bridge and what it could do for Detroit for sure.

I commute too much, and I listened to an National Public Radio story about the bridge.

It confirmed most of what you say.

David – Texas, USA


Your newsletters are insightful and entertaining.

Please keep up the great job.

Jack Weston – Hong Kong

Hi Rebecca,

I really enjoy getting your emails, they help me stay focused on my long term plan.

Thanks heaps.

Phillip Holmes – Australia

Hi Rebecca thank you so much for valuable tips and consultation option wish is very useful for most any property investor.

Once again thanks.


Kelvin – Malaysia

Hi Rebecca,

Just a feedback that I’m quite pleased with R&A so far.

I’ve Christy who takes care of my property, paying property tax from my rent income without me even asking.

And when a query was made, promptly checked and gave a reply.

Rent incomes have so far coming in without fail.


Eldrick Tan – Singapore

Dear Rebecca,

I really do not know how to thank you for your efforts and kind responses all the time. Many thanks.

My best regards

Abdul Aziz Ismail Al Qassim – Bahrain

Thanks Rebecca.

It is now we have come full circle.

You have been amazingly professional and won my trust.

I feel very relax to deepen this relationship with OVG Invest and you in the very near future.

Segun – Nigeria

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for your useful advice. Agree that it is better to buy a turn key home without any debt and free of encumbrances.

Friends advise me to set up a LLC to purchase US properties so as to limit my liability.

How should I go about doing this, any advice? would it be very complicated and costly?

Btw, do send me the list of properties and you can just send it to this email.

Thanks very much

Molly – Hong Kong

Hi Rebecca,

Great news! Thanks and now we officially own a home in Memphis :) (with the hope of a few more to come).

It has really been a pleasure dealing with you on this. Much more streamlined than our 1st purchase in Deltona, and will definitely be recommending you to anyone that may be interested in the USA market.

Thanks again and will definitely keep in touch.


Nigel Szkut – Australia

Hi Rebecca,

I deeply appreciate your services, care to those potential investors, including me :)

It’s very useful to let me know more on policies, restrictions on properties investment in different countries, especially for those who never been the places.

By the way, do you have any branch office in HK? I want to spend time to know more about the proposal and investment opportunities referred by your company!

Hope to hearing from you soon!


Fiona – Hong Kong

Rita and I would like to thank you for all help during our process to find a place and a project for an investment. We have found a wonderful place and a very interesting investment project, especially for the price structure and the rental program. We would especially underline the feeling of you being our representative trying to help us to search, instead of being a salesperson of a certain project. Your knowledge about the property market is exceptionally good. We give the warmest and best recommendations and if needed we will be happy to inform your customers furthermore about your work. See you soon again and keep your eyes open on our behalf for the ‘next project’.

Mats & Rita Olsson – Göteborg, Sweden

Rebecca thank you for all the information from you and your company.

I was introduced to this concept through a seminar in Perth Western Australia.

Unfortunatley it was a bit high pressure for me and they were more interested in the thousands of dollars for the mentoring fees they were charging.

It is all free from you. Your information is first class and I am looking into it further in the new year when I will be selling my house and downsizing.

I am also looking at visiting the USA in 2014.

I have been before and rode a motor bike around Mexico, Canada and USA for three months.

This time it will be in a car, maybe a Corvette.

Merry Xmas and enjoy your 2014.


Peter Westaway – Australia

Thank you very much Rebecca.

Honestly you are one of a kind.

I have never in my whole business life meet anyone as good as you have been with me, and your help is second to none, keep up the great work.


Peter Cini – Australia

Hello Rebecca,

I would to thank you for all the information you are sending me. It’s all very useful.

James Smith – Jakarta, Indonesia

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